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The BMP 100, BMP 200, BMP 300, and BMP 400 

Are the original workhorses of the Hörauf stable. 

With production speeds of between 180 and 330 cups per minute, and an operating life of several decades, the BMP cup machines are the system of choice for well established brands, and offer tremendous value to new entrants with flexible needs.

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The Paper Cup Machines


Double Walled Cups and Specialty Features


Overwraps, Scrounds, and Non-Round Containers

Our BMP Super and Universal series are the uncontested champions at producing non-round containers, also known as "scrounds." Ice cream containers, specialty juice boxes, straight walled dry food containers- all can be produced at speeds up to 300 containers per minute.

Hörauf overwrap machines will produce your double walled cups to the exact specifications you and your clients require. Choose from our BMI and BIW series based on your specific needs, and let the machine do the rest.

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Next Generation Packaging


Show Off Your


A can made of paper, with beautiful graphics printed all the way around, containing aseptically filled beverages with great taste and a long shelf life. This is CartoCan®. 

Your customers love the look, feel, and performance of double wall cups. You make the cups with high bottoms to get them to de-nest at the point of sale, but this has its limits, particularly with larger cup sizes. Ask us about Calyx®, a patented design for perfectly de-nestable cups with low bottoms and a manageable stack height.

A paper lid with printable surfaces that fits securely onto your cup and provides an outstanding drinking experience. This is CapSure®. Protect the environment and choose paper over plastic, with not a drop spilled. Quality does not compromise.


Paper Cup Machine Manufacture

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